Restrictions On Food And Drinks for People with Acid Reflux

Abstinence from food and drink - Acid content in the stomach comes naturally, and is very beneficial for the body. This content serves to break down or break down food, and prevent infection of the digestive tract. But what if the stomach acid levels rise or are excessive.

When something goes wrong, your body will respond. We feel discomfort and pain, until the activity is interrupted. Even if ignored just like that, this symptom will spread to chronic diseases.

Restrictions on Food and Drinks for People with Acid Reflux
Foods and Drinks That Cause Acid Reflux

One of the best treatments is to comply with the prohibition on consuming certain foods or drinks. Actually, there are different taboos for people with stomach acid. But there are several sources of food and drink that can trigger acid reflux.  What are some of them.

1. Spicy Food

It's a bad luck if you like spicy, but you have to suffer from stomach acid too. But for your own good, it's best to just be obedient not to eat anything spicy. You can feel it yourself, how painful it is if there is irritation of the stomach. As an alternative, you can choose pepper or tomato sauce. Don't overdo it, OK!

2. Foods and Beverages Containing Lots of Fat or Oil

Fat content can trigger a distended stomach, because the digestive process is slow. This can make your stomach feel heartburn, because the pressure is stronger. This intake can also trigger irritation of the stomach. Make sure you no longer eat fried foods, sauteed vegetables, nuts, avocado, ribs, donuts, offal, cheese, cakes that contain lots of butter, etc.

3. Foods and Beverages Containing Alcohol

This content can relax the esophageal stingfer muscles, carry a lot of gas, and increase stomach acid. Avoid beer, cocktails, wine, or fermented foods such as sticky rice, cassava tape, and sweets.

4. Foods and Beverages Are Acids

The effects of these sour foods will definitely be felt immediately, especially if you eat them on an empty stomach. The acid reflux condition in it does trigger stomach acid levels. There are also foods in question, namely acidic fruits such as oranges, lemons, kedondong, star fruit, young mangoes, pineapples, or grapes. Coupled with pickles, vinegar and pickles.

5. Foods and Drinks Containing Peppermint

Plants from the mint family are favorites, because they can provide many benefits. Peppermint can provide a fresh sensation and overcome bad breath. But unfortunately, this product can also make stomach acid rise. The reason is, peppermint can relax the sphincter muscles too.

6. Foods and drinks that contain caffeine or soda

Many people complain of a burning sensation after drinking coffee, soda, and tea regardless of the dosage or stomach strength. His stomach acid immediately rose. Even though you know and understand the state of your own stomach, so you can decide how much caffeinated drink you can tolerate. For some people whose stomach acid is not severe or chronic, the effects of pain can be prevented by paying attention to the levels.

7. Foods and Beverages Containing Lots of Gas

Gas can be the mastermind behind your bloated stomach. If it exceeds the limit, stomach acid can also rise. Refrain from drinking milk, not eating cabbage or collard greens, nuts, jackfruit or ambon chips. Not recommended!

8. Energy Drinks or Bottled and Canned Drinks

Once finished drinking and enjoying the sensation of energy drinks, stomach acid will usually immediately rise dramatically. Packaged drinks are also usually accompanied by sweeteners, preservatives, and even artificial coloring. All these ingredients are certainly not friendly to the condition of people with stomach acid.

Maybe that's 8 food and beverage restrictions for people with stomach acid and apart from the foods and drinks mentioned above, it's good to keep in mind, if you consume anything if the portion is excessive it can trigger stomach acid rise. thank you, hope it is useful.
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