5 Benefits Of Rosella Flowers For Extraordinary Health And Beauty

Benefits of rosella flowers for the health of the body - Currently, rosella flowers are very well known. This flower with the Latin name Hibiscus Sabdariffa turns out to have very useful properties as an herbal medicine. Indeed, not many people really know about the properties and benefits of this rosella flower, which in fact can be used as an herbal medicine.

So far, rosella flowers are only planted as decoration, either in the yard or even in the house. Only from several studies conducted, it turned out that rosella flowers have extraordinary properties.

Currently, rosella flowers have been processed into drinks, tea, jelly, or jam, all of which are very beneficial for health. The rosella flower seeds and also the petals are widely used as herbs. From various studies conducted, it has been found that there are so many ingredients in rosella flowers that have properties and benefits for health.

Benefits of Rosella flowers for extraordinary health and beauty
Here are some of the ingredients of rosella flowers

What are the ingredients in this roselle flower? In the following I will show you the various ingredients contained in rosella flowers.


In the roselle flower compound contains a mixture of malic and citric acid. Even the content reaches 13%. In addition to these contents there are also anthocyanins gossipetin which contain up to 2%. It also contains protein and vitamin C.

Fatty acid

Rosella flower seeds also contain fatty acids such as palmitin which contains up to 35.2%, linoleic content up to 14.4%, oleic content up to 34%, other content such as stearic 3.4%, palmitolic acid content of 2%, and there is also a myristine acid content of up to 2.1%.

Sterol content

Apart from the fatty acid content, rosella seed oil also contains sterols. The sterol content, among others; b-sitosterol contains 61.3%, 15.5% camphorol content, 5.1% cholesterol content and 3.2% ergosterol content.

Here are 5 benefits of rosella flowers for health and beauty

What are the benefits of rosella flowers for body health? Rosella flowers have many properties for health, besides that rosella flowers are also useful for beauty.

1. Prevent Bone Loss

The content of calcium in rosella flowers, as well as potassium, and vitamin D and iron, is very useful for preventing bone loss, especially for people who have started to enter old age.

2. For High Blood Pressure

Rosella flowers are also useful for normalizing blood pressure. So for friends, the benefits of fruits and vegetables with high blood pressure can take advantage of rosella flowers to make blood pressure return to normal. Of course this is very useful, in order to avoid a heart attack or stroke.

3. Protects From Cancer And Diabetes

In rosella flowers there are phenolic compounds. This substance is very useful as an antioxidant. This means that if the rosella flower is consumed regularly it will be useful to prevent the body from various diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

4. Launch BAB

The fiber contained in rosella flowers is very high. With this high fiber content, it will be very useful for smoothing bowel movements (defecation). That is why consuming rosella flowers regularly will be useful for maintaining a healthy body.

5. For Beauty

Rosella flowers are also very useful for beauty. The high vitamin C content in rosella flowers will be useful for maintaining beauty, and rejuvenating skin that has started to wrinkle. For women who have started to enter old age, consuming rosella flowers regularly will help maintain beauty.

Of course there are lots of properties and benefits of rosella flowers which are very useful for body health and beauty. So now we no longer hesitate to consume rosella flowers.
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