Benefits Of Ginger For Health, From Treating Colds To Stroke

Benefits of Ginger for Treating Colds and Stroke - Who is not familiar with ginger plants, and ginger can warm the body if we consume it, with the spicy taste of its ketone zingerone compound, a source of natural properties that make it famous. Ginger has a shape like fingers that swell on each segment.

It has been a long time since the benefits of ginger as a body warmer, especially when drunk during the rainy season. Like now, it tastes very good and the warmth really penetrates our bones. Besides its function is to maintain health and body warmth. Ginger also turns out to be an ingredient in traditional medicine to cure various diseases which we will discuss later in this article.

Ginger plants are scattered all over Indonesia and there are several types of ginger, such as elephant ginger, red ginger and others, so that ginger has different names in each region. Wedang ginger, wedang ronde, bajigur, Bandrek, ginger milk, ginger coffee are examples of traditional drinks that take advantage of the warm properties of ginger. When we hear those names, what comes to our mind may be, rain, cold, night, warm. From these words can make a lot of sentences - sentences of praise for ginger. Along with the times, Ginger has been widely processed with a variety of recipes, dishes and more interesting forms. Ginger can be made into candy, spices for cooking, and it can even be made into cakes.

Ginger is not native to Indonesia, ginger comes from India. But there are also those who claim that ginger comes from South China. Historically, ginger was brought from India as a trade spice. The ginger trade route from India to the Middle East, passes through China, Japan and Southeast Asia, one of which is Indonesia.  The warm and spicy taste of food made ginger a popular commodity in Europe during colonialism.

Benefits of Ginger For Health, From Treating Colds To Stroke
Here are the benefits of ginger for health and natural remedies:

In addition to the spicy, delicious aroma and warm effect, ginger has many health benefits. Ginger also plays a role in various natural herbal remedies.

1. Treating colds

A cold is a condition that causes chills, flatulence, nausea, etc. Due to the evil wind that enters the body. Factors that cause colds include eating irregularly or eating late, long trips, night winds, especially for people who ride motorbikes every day. If the body is weak, the wind will easily enter the pores of our skin.

If it is not immediately treated, it is feared that this evil wind will become king in the body, it will become a dangerous disease such as wind sits, this disease can invite other dangerous diseases. Ginger can treat this cold, with its properties that can warm the body. You can buy herbs made from ginger to catch a cold which is easy for you to buy at a shop near the house or you can also make your own ginger herb at home.

2. Treating flatulence

The benefits of drinking ginger can actually be used to treat flatulence or gas.  This condition will feel uncomfortable and even cause pain. Maybe those of you who are reading this article have or often experience it. This can be caused by wind, food is gas-breaking so that there is excess gas in the stomach.

The conditions experienced are usually not smooth digestion, difficulty defecating and difficulty passing gas (farting). Drink ginger herb, you can make ginger stew at home. Can be shredded first, crushed. Cut into pieces. It's up to you, because in whatever way, the kasiat is equally warm.  You can also use grated ginger by rubbing it into a bloated stomach.

3. Helps smooth the blood circulation process

The process of blood circulation of course must be maintained smooth, namely by keeping the blood vessels from clogging and swelling of the arteries of the blood vessels. If the circulatory process is not smooth, it is feared that there will be clots in the blood or blood supply to the heart, kidneys, brain and the rest of the body. If this is allowed, it will be at risk for hypertension, heart attack and kidney disease. Consuming ginger drink every day can help maintain health and help improve blood circulation.

4. Treating migraine disease

Migraine or headaches are very excruciating. Many factors cause this migraine, one of which is prostaglandins.  The content of ginger can actually stop these prostaglandins, this has been proven in a study. Drink ginger herb twice a day, morning and evening after dinner.

5. Helps lower high blood pressure

Blockage or narrowing of the arteries in blood vessels is a contributing factor to high blood pressure. Zingeron, which is owned by ginger, can help improve the blood flow that was previously wanted. With its warm effect, ginger is able to slightly dilate the narrowed blood vessels back to normal. So that blood flow becomes smooth.

6. Treating toothache

Toothache is caused by several factors, apart from heatiness, also due to the growth of germs or bacteria, especially in cavities. Ginger's antifungal and antibacterial properties can help treat toothaches, swollen gums and bleeding gums. Drink ginger water every day until the pain is gone.

7. Helps ward off free radicals

The antioxidant content in ginger is able to kill germs and bacteria in the body. Even ginger can flush out the toxins when we sweat.

8. Prevent hypothermia

Maybe you are a mountain climber. Every mountain climber must always prepare various kinds of items to meet their needs while climbing. Be it equipment, food, drink, medicine. Ginger is one that is never absent from one's preparation list before setting out on a hike. Cold temperatures at the top of a mountain can cause hypothermia, especially when your body starts to weaken. Hypothermia is a drastic drop in body temperature. The sufferer will be very cold shivering. Zingeromn ketone compounds that are very abundant in ginger, can help prevent hypothermia.

9. Treating coughs, colds and influenza

Coughs, colds and influenza are diseases associated with breathing. Jehe which has a warm nature can relieve the respiratory system from the nose to the lungs. Ginger is also a natural expectorant for treating coughs. Ginger is also able to break and remove mucus when coughing with phlegm, so that the mucus will easily get out so that the breath is relieved again.

10. Reduces pain in wounds or bruises

The bruises we experience will be painful, regardless of the cause. There have been many traditional medicines to treat pain in this bruise. One of them, you can take advantage of the warm taste of ginger. Because ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve pain in the bruise. The trick is to grate ginger which is then attached to the wound as a compress.

11. Treating stroke

Ginger can help improve blood flow which is one of the factors causing stroke. The ginger used to treat stroke is usually red ginger. Drink this ginger water regularly every day. You can also grate the ginger until it is smooth. Filter the water and apply it to the part of the body that has had a stroke. Can also be used during massage therapy for healing strokes.

12. Helps smooth metabolic processes

The food intake we consume is very influential on our health, especially the metabolic processes in the body. Ginger, which is rich in zingerone ketone compounds, is also able to accelerate the body's metabolic process.

13. Speed ​​up burning calories

Too many calories will result in obesity or obesity. If you already have a lot, you will find it difficult to restore your body to the previous level. For those of you who are doing or are just planning to do a healthy diet program, this ginger can help the process of burning calories in your body. So that your diet process will run smoother and faster if you exercise regularly, consume healthy foods low in fat and low in calories, you are also advised to consume ginger regularly. Whether in the form of drinks, food or anything made from ginger.

Those were the 13 benefits of ginger for health and as a natural ingredient treatment that you can try at home. By using it as a natural medicinal ingredient, the side effects are minimal and may not even exist. Therefore we must always maintain our health so that we are not susceptible to disease. May be useful.
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