Signs And Symptoms Of Heart Disease That Are Rarely Known

Signs and symptoms of heart disease - The heart is one of the organs in humans that has a function to pump blood throughout the body. If the heart has a problem, it will cause a person to develop heart disease. There are several types of heart disease, including coronary heart disease, weak heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, and heart valve disease or heart valve problems and congenital heart disease.

Heart disease is very dangerous, especially if it is too late to overcome. If it has reached a high stage, this disease can be life-threatening to the sufferer. In order to avoid various kinds of heart disease, we should understand the problem of heart disease symptoms

Signs and symptoms of heart disease that are rarely known
Here are some signs and symptoms of heart disease to watch out for

In the following article, I will discuss some possible searches and signs of heart disease that we need to know

1. Chest Pain

Pain in the chest is one of the symptoms of a person with heart disease. Pain in the chest occurs due to clogged arteries that prevent blood from flowing throughout the body.

2. Pain in the head

Headaches by someone who has heart disease due to blood circulation irregularities. The characteristic of headache for heart disease is that when the eyes are exposed to the light beam, people with heart disease will feel a headache, so that the heart rate will be affected faster and vice versa.

3. Feeling tired

If you often feel tired, without doing strenuous activities or feel tired when you wake up. This is a symptom of damage to your heart.

4. Sweat out

Sweat without doing activity and in hot weather. This is one of the symptoms of heart disease.

5. Nausea

Nausea is caused by swelling of the stomach, so people with heart disease will often feel nauseous and have a reduced appetite.

6. Pain In Body Parts

People with heart disease, often feel pain in their body parts such as shoulders, back, elbows, neck, etc. This pain is due to a blocked artery.

7. Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath that occurs in people with heart disease, is caused by blood vessels that block blood flow throughout the body. This results in irregular heartbeats and abnormalities in the heart valves.

8. Swelling

Another symptom of someone suffering from heart disease is the swelling that occurs due to fluids accumulating in the body. Swelling usually occurs in the wrists and abdomen.

Maybe those are some of the signs and symptoms of heart disease that are rarely known, so that you can understand and be aware of the symptoms of heart disease. If you feel these symptoms, immediately consult a heart specialist, to treat and treat heart disease in order to know how to prevent heart disease. Hopefully this review of articles about heart disease and symptoms of heart disease can be useful for all of us.
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